Sunday, April 24, 2011

Will is growing!

Some I-Pod pics first

Will chillin with his Max. Original Max was lost at a craft show What! We did replace but it was sad to lose original. I always thought this pic looked like Will was sleeping listening to toons through head phones maybe just me.

I remember Will acting like what the heck are you doing Dad! And I was like sneaking a picture of you cutie pie. And Will was like don't call me cutie pie Dad! And I was like can't help it. And Will was like I am going cross eyed Dad! It was awesome!

Woah! Something is amiss here! I can't put my finger on it. Will did you gain some weight?

Sometimes you got to leave the big dog alone and LET THE BIG DOG EAT!

Will hangin out with his crazy dooug! Max took a little time a way from his bone to pose for this pic. Will was watching Yo Gabba Gabba or some show like that I lose track of all the shows he likes.

Will with his Uncle Johnny. Will says wuz up Uncle J missed you this Easty see you one day when the sun shines again.

Some Black and Whites and Such

Will was fascinated by the grass cuttin' I can only imagine what he thought about the lawn mower. Cole said that he almost kicked the window and flipped backwards. Good thing mommy was right there you owe mommy one Will!

Will looking cute with his little bath time friend Mr Ducky. Will loves bath time. I hope that sticks! Lately ole Will's backside has been raw with diaper rash. A nice warm bubble bath is just the antidote for such things. Yeah Will!

Will: "Come on in Dooug the water's great! Max: "I don't know Willie there's not much room in there. Will: "Don't be a scardy dog come on in! Max: "I think I will just watch from here looks like fun though. I have had some traumatic experiences with baths in the past with daddy and I just don't think I can do it Willie." Will: Hey I will be right here and I don't see daddy anywhere I won't let him get you." Max: "Hey it's cool I will just watch." Will: Suit yourself scardy Dooug."

Awww! What a walk that was! Brand new Will fresh from mommy's tummy! Can't believe your so big Will!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The many sides of Will

Serious Thinker Will

Photogenic Will
Concerned about Alabama's young defense Will

Happy go Lucky Mexi Mustache Will

Concerned about Auburn's thin Defense Will

I hate taking a bath Will

Chillin' by the pool Will

Happy my diaper is changed and poop is no longer stuck under my fat rolls Will
Feeling safe and secure with my buddy Max Will

Awww! Sweet Will!

I haven't missed a meal in 2 hours Will

Nick Saban after a 19 yard shanked punt Will

I love you Will!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will is moving!

Little Will has been very active lately. He is bouncing around kicking and squirming all over the place. Will also reacts to the different food Nicole eats. I don't think Will likes Spicy food like Mexican or Cajun food. Will seems to go nuts!!

We got a Stethoscope to try to hear him, but it's hard to hear him in there. It is funny to see Nicole's stomach move when Will moves around. Will's kicks are getting pretty strong and sometimes makes Nicole uncomfortable Ouch!

I got an Easter picture of Nicole and me (awwww!). Nicole looks great! You can't really tell she is pregnant from behind. We stopped by a Shell station to get snacks the other day and Nicole got hit on by the gas station dude. When she was standing at the counter the gas station dude asked her if she was from around here. Also, he said that if she needed any help with anything in the store just let him Know. (Who needs assistance in a gas station quick mart?). I don't think he could tell that Nicole was pregnant because she was standing behind the counter. Way to go Nicole! (Pictures are not actually guys who work at Shell.)

I am going to get some recent pictures of Will from our last ultrasound. I should be able to get them up tonight or the next day.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's a little 'ol boy mmm mmm

Well it finally happened. Nicole and I have created a mini-me!

In case you don't know already Nicole and I are preggers! Holla! Nicole and I are very excited! We went to Virginia College a week or so ago to see if we could find out if we were having a boy or a girl. At first we didn't think we were going to be able to tell. Then out of nowhere a little wee-wee appeared! A boy! Wooh Whooo! Willie Saban-Hays Beckham is here!!

Just kidding Nicole I know he is really William Hays Beckham and will go by Will.

I have include some ultrasound pictures including a picture of his wee-wee! Sorry Will I know you might see this some day, but hey be proud!

Nicole is showing a little more everyday. She has really been graceful throughout. There really haven't been any angry outbursts, cramps were bad at first but now are minor. Nicole's sleep schedule has been kind of Senior Citizen (falling asleep at 8:30 and waking up around 4 or 5) But that's okay little Will needs his rest!

I don't know if the little guy will grow up to be the next Steve Nash, but I am sure he will be athletic. I hope he gets Nicole's speed and jumping and get's my hand eye coordination.

I think Max knows something is up. He seems a little more clingy to mommy lately. I am not sure how Max will react to little Will. My guess is that he will give him a big wet kiss!

Enjoy the pics!! -Smeag

Here is a picture from the side
Here is a picture of him looking at us. He kind of looks like a little alien!
And here is the wee-wee. Way to go Will!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A trip to T-town!

Enjoy the pics from the Bama game -Smeag

The old Governor's Mansion
Eric before the game.
The worst seats ever! Don't stand up too high or you'll hit your head
SSOS (The "Special" Son's of Saban)
South Carolina preparing to get owned by the Bama "D"
A glimpse of Saban on the sidelines
McElroy taking the snap
The great Bama "D"
Celebration after the game
Robert and Ben celebrate after the game. Partaay!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy Smeag

Smeag has been very busy at work the past few weeks. More blogs to come. Enjoy the Pics

Sorry -Smeag

Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Jack Jack

Awww Little Jack Jack

Hey everyone! Another exciting week of CFB on tap. I'd like to take a moment to introduce everyone to Jack Jack the new member of the Hays family. He is a very sweet cat, but has razor sharp teeth and claws. Smeag has many battle scars from Monday playing with Jack Jack.

I also gave our crazy dooug a bath Monday as you can see by the picture. I think this bath may have given Max a bad case of the scratchies. Poor max.

Tdogg is back this week and he has brought some funny picture from our favorite place in the world Wal-Mart!

Wsap Ya'll Tdogg up in da house. here are my picks for this week. I also brought some pictures of crazy fools at Wal-Mart. Hope ya'll enjoy!

Try North Carolina over Conn Huskies big!

Notre Dame seems to be living up to the hype this year. Try 'em out.

I like Miss State with all those points. This game was 3 to 2 last year (Wha! Wha! What!)

I also like South Carolina this week ridin' the D to the win!
Bama of course

and USC big over the Buckeyes.

Have fun week ya'll Tdogg signin' off!

Wow thanks Tdogg. The pictures from Wal-mart are great! Have a fun weekend everyone!
Hilton is the best player ever so how about that! - Smeag